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When Andrew Alsop, the vicar of St Peter and Paul’s, is handed a slip of paper that has been found in the offertory plate, he little realises where it will lead. Written on the slip of paper is a question, and soon there are more slips of paper and more questions. Who is sending them? He doesn’t know. But what he does know is that he cannot stop looking for answers and that the answers he is finding are challenging the beliefs he has held for years. He thought he knew ‘the truth’ but now he is finding that what he knew was actually too bad to be true. A better gospel awaited him …

You can buy ‘Too Bad To Be True’ in the UK here or in the USA here.

In ‘Too Bad To Be True’ – the first book in this series – Andrew Alsop went looking for answers; answers to the big questions that challenged the beliefs he had held for years. But, unbeknown to him, that was only the beginning of his journey. Now, along with his wife Pauline, he will have to engage with more questions to which there are no easy answers. He will find himself encountering in a new way the One around whom all his questions revolve, and he will have to decide whether to walk away or commit himself to ‘living the mystery’.

You can buy ‘Living the Mystery’ in the UK here or in the USA here.

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