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Not to Appease an Angry God

A poem which may be sung as a hymn to the tune Westminster or any other ‘My God how wonderful thou art’ tune.

Not to appease an angry God
Nor satisfy his wrath
Did Jesus Cross-ward set his face
And tread his lonely path.

His sacrifice – like that of lambs
Slain in the temple court –
Was not of penalty but praise,
And no forgiveness bought.

Forgiveness from his Father flowed,
As ever, full and free;
But that we might its sweetness taste
He brought us to the Tree.

Repentance there – the Father’s gift
To every love-washed soul –
Unstops our hearts and ushers in
The life that makes us whole.

Christ died to carry into God
Our fear and pain and woe
That God in Christ hung on the Cross
Humanity might know.

Christ’s heart in God thus ever beats
With understanding grace
So naught but arms of welcome can
Await the human race.

One day, within those loving arms,
All stumbling souls will find
The Father of their heart’s desire,
All merciful and kind.

Then – when God’s love has had it’s way –
And all the lost are found,
We’ll join together in his feast
And joy will know no bounds.

(c) Neil D Booth 2014

One comment on “Not to Appease an Angry God

  1. micey says:

    This is beautiful. I’m reading a little book by Tim Kellar called Prodigal God. It’s an in depth study on the Prodigal Son.. It is very provocative. Check it out.


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