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The Night Will End

Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes with the morning. Psalm 30.5b.

Because of the medication I take, I often suffer from an extremely dry mouth at night which causes my tongue to stick to the roof of my mouth and makes breathing so difficult that it wakes me from my sleep. One night on holiday it was so bad that I was awake fourteen times, attempting to ‘unglue’ my tongue. Each time I looked at the clock, hoping that it was almost morning; but for the greater part of the night it was not and there was still a lot of discomfort to be endured.

Once morning had arrived and I was out on the patio with a mug of tea in my hand, listening to the birdsong, and watching as dawn broke over the mountains, I got to thinking of all those poor souls for whom nights are endless because of things far worse than my dry mouth; and with the above verse from Psalm 30 in my mind I suppose, I found myself writing this poem …

IMG_2335The night will end.
However deep the pain,
However much the praying
seems in vain,
The night will end.

The night will end.
However memory dims,
However strong the ache
in heart and limbs,
The night will end.

The night will end.
However sore the eyes,
However anguished are the unheard cries,
The night will end.

The night will end,
Somewhere a bird will trill
And joy-filled dawn will break beyond the hill,
And night will end.

I hope it might help someone for whom the nights are always far too dark and far too long.

One comment on “The Night Will End

  1. micey says:

    Hi friend. I’m sorry your mouth is so dry. I believe there are special mouth washes or lozenges for such a problem. Your poem is lovely. It helps me as I’m missing my boys a lot this weekend. Thank you. ❤


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