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The Trinity – A Poem

Written while contemplating Rublev’s Icon

There they sit eternally,trinity
Encircling the table, the angelic three.
And yet not angels – Holy Trinity.

Here I stand in time, aware
Of love inviting me to join them there
And in their circling fellowship to share.

Entering, I hear them say:
“I am the end of journeying, the way;
Where, now arrived, you shall forever stay.”

Love again then speaks his word:
“This joy grows deeper as the bliss is shared.”
At that I turn and beckon to my paired.

Now she joins the ring of grace
And, side by side, we share the Three’s embrace;
Until we welcome others to this place.

Widening still, the circle grows,
As each brings others to the love that flows
And, in the bringing, true belonging knows.

“Limitless,” declares the Three,
“Love’s spreading circle has no boundary.
And in its compass one day all will be.

Neil D Booth © 2013 All rights reserved

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