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To anyone visiting this site between 13 and 20 September … sorry that there is no fresh toast this week. I am on holiday in Italy, in a village in Tuscany where there is no wi-fi internet access. Hopefully you will find something in the archives or in the pages sections of this blog to keep your tummy from rumbling too much until I return. I do hope so …

God bless,


5 comments on “Ciao!

  1. micey says:

    Have an awesome vacation! 🙂


  2. Neil says:

    Thanks Michelle. We were going for some sun, but I understand that it’s pouring down there as well as here. Never mind, we have the Son with us …


  3. Oh! Italy!

    My husband earned a trip for us to go on a Mediterranean cruise 2 summers ago and 4 of our ports of call were in Italy. We’d love to go back!

    The people were wonderful, the food was yummy, the scenery amazing, and the weather so pleasant.

    I hope you had a wonderful time (I’m thinking it’s difficult to NOT enjoy Italy!)

    Welcome home!

    Wendy at JGIG


  4. Neil says:

    Thanks Wendy. Italy is one of my very favourite places and Tuscany is stunningly beautiful. We were staying just outside San Gimigiano which is a beautiful medieval walled town on a hilltop. I’m feeling much better for the rest … and I even managed to do some watercolours! Back to the blog on Monday.




  5. micey says:

    welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful time! 🙂


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